MACC Summer School: Media, Arts and Culture – Exploring the Dynamics of Melaka , Malaysia as World Heritage City.

MACC Summer School: Exploring historical sites


MACC Summer School: The vibrant and colourful cultures


MACC Summer School: Getting to know the city


This historic city went down in history when it was declared by UNESCO as World Heritage Site in 2008 at its 32nd session in Quebec City, Canada. The history of this city, known as Melaka, Malaysia, was first made centuries ago. It all started when a prince known as Parameswara fled from Sumatra, landed on Melaka shores and turned it into a famous port and trading center around the region. Years after that, it passed into the Dutch’s hands, Portuguese’s and British’s.

Fast forward to present day, its history has made what Melaka is today. The culture is vibrant, historical buildings remain as a testament of what the city has been through, and the food and cuisine? It’s just glorious. Just like us, the city is a  “living “ entity. It grows and develops with time and the time we’re living today is mainly about technology. Technology has a major part in influencing the expansion and modernization of a city. Communication technology is one aspect of technology that is changing rampantly. It is an exciting era to witness where traditional media and new media collide and integrate with each other. With that, participants of MACC Summer School will get to explore these dynamics and how this historical city strives with communication technology.

There’s an urban quote that says the EARTH without ART is just EH. A simple, cheeky, creative way of saying the world without art would be mundane with no passion and excitement. Understanding  whether the city is influencing the art, or the art is influencing the city, is part of  MACC Summer School module. Participants of MACC Summer School get to walk through the journey to this historic city and be inspired not just by witnessing the diversity and colorful artworks but also to create their own artwork masterpieces.

Art is part of culture. Society’s communication behavioral is part of culture too. What differs from one society to another is the distinct features or uniqueness of a society’s art and communication. All these elements make up the identity of a city. Rather than having it as elements that separate a society from the rest of the world, we celebrate it as something to share and learn because as weird as it may sound, the more we learn about other people’s culture, the more we learn about ourselves.

Therefore, in MACC Summer School, the city’s media, arts and culture are the main focus of the module. As one aspect relates to another, participants get to learn, experience, create and discuss these three dynamics that make Melaka, Malaysia as World Historical City. Join us now at MACC Summer School.




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