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MACC Summer School: Is traditional media still relevant?


MACC Summer School: Navigating Melaka, Malaysia through the Role of Media

Do people still watch TV nowadays? Do we still listen to radio? Some people do. Some people don’t. The fact is, most of the time we turn to our smartphones where everything is online and within our reach; as in just reach your mobile phone. The form of media is different now, it metamorphosed into something new but it is still media and still has the same roles, to entertain, to educate, to inform and to persuade. Although we can see that traditional media and new media (social media) competing and more than often times contradicting with one another, we have to understand that each media has their own roles to play.

Where does Melaka, Malaysia World Heritage City fit in all these media frenzy? As media changes its form, a city changes too as it is seen as a changing organism instead of something static. Quoting from Charles Darwin who said “It’s not the strongest of the species that survives not the most intelligent that survives, it is the one that most adaptable to change.” Melaka city changes with time, but stays true to its past. Hence, Melaka is listed as one the cultural sites under the UNESCO’s World Heritage List.

With experiential learning in MACC Summer School, participants will walk through the past, present and future of this city and the role of traditional media and new media have on Melaka city. Participants of MACC Summer School get to learn how the city is seen through the eyes of social media and how the elements of culture and history of the city can lead to the application of game design elements. Want to know more? Register to MACC Summer School now.


MACC Summer School: Hook on the game or the city?


MACC Summer School: Game Mechanics and the City

What makes a game interesting? Tetris or brick game as people called it was a really simple game but at one point in time, it was a huge game phenomenon. Dota is way more complicated, structured with its global networking and hit it big worldwide up till now. E- Sports is the new sport like League of Legends World Championship and the Evolution Championship Series. Why do thousands or millions of people engage themselves with video games? Because it taps into people’s natural desires for competitions and achievements. Video games have that essential features to motivate people to meet personal challenges.

Game creators have to understand what makes a player hooked. A fun video game does not really mean it’s an interesting game. The player has to experience and explore the game and see the world the game creator has to offer. The basic elements a game creator has to consider are gameplay, storyline and art style. For a video game to be successful a storyline is important but gameplay is just as important as the story. A popular game can be built entirely on a great gameplay without much of a story. Tetris is a perfect example. Art style is also vital as the environments, characters and even the lighting all play a role in the look and feel of the game.

The question is how does one integrate all these elements of a video game and create a fun and interesting game about a city? What are the elements of the city that can be used as a video game? MACC Summer School will explore all these concepts and ideas through existing games and possibly new ones. As it is an experiential program, MACC Summer School participants will walk through the city, understand its history and incorporate it in creating a video game. Interested to know more? Register to MACC Summer School now.


MACC Summer School: Integrating games with the city


MACC Summer School: Let’s explore Melaka World Heritage City, are you game?

To know a city is to experience the city. But the word experience itself has been changed to a whole new level. Strolling on the beach, sipping a hot coffee at a café, making small talks with the locals or just basically flanuering might not be sufficient for some people anymore. With the advance pace of new technology, we now have virtual reality or augmented reality as part of travelling and tourism. Some researchers believe that tourism industry should provide a multi-dimensional experience for tourists and travellers.

One of the ways of using augmented reality is the cultural heritage gaming. This type of game creates an interesting experience for visitors to connect through missions and quests with the past history. Other than passively seeing historical buildings for instance, the game encourages tourists to actively explore the history behind each building and attraction thus offering a deeper understanding and meaningful experience. These approaches are more effective over traditional learning methods in terms of developing social interaction and remembering historical facts. These games open up new opportunities to transfer education and culture through gameplay and thus enhance the visitor experience.

How does one come out with an interesting gameplay or storyline and how interactive is a game when it comes to understanding the different aspects of the city? MACC Summer School will dwell into these areas of game and tourism. Participants of MACC Summer School will get to learn on how game mechanics are mold into the brand and tourism dimensions of Melaka city. Register to MACC Summer School to know more.


MACC Summer School: You were here.

MACC Summer School: Social media and the City

<Check in : Jonker Walk, Melaka World Heritage City.> This is the kind of use of social media that is not alien to most of us. The places we go, the things we do, the cafes we go for our coffee, people nowadays just want to announce it to the whole world. The more people know, the better. Some people say it’s a narcissistic trait but we’re not getting into that. Yet. What we are getting into is how the landscape of social media and the growth of a city co-exist and have impacts on one another.

Facebook, Instagram and Twitter have memberships in the hundreds of millions. The application Foursquare has popularized geolocation in social media and now photographs, tweets and status updates can be tagged with the location you are currently at. It’s a new way of how we interact with our cities. Understanding the immense impact on how social media and a city correlate with each other, city hall for instance is using it as a way to brand and advertise a city. Social media is used to get news of an event out to the public.

Now, returning to the narcissistic trait, a study showed that the reason behind the motivation to broadcast where you are vary from one social media to another. Foursquares users are said to be using the application to tell about their mundane life such as where do they get their morning coffee or where they work. While Facebook users tend to use the site to brag about the iconic places they have been to. Interested to know more about the dynamics of the use of social media and a city? MACC Summer School is the place to be. Register now at MACC Summer School Website.




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