Social Media and the City

MACC Summer School: Social media and the City

MACC Summer School: You were here.

 Check in : Jonker Walk, Melaka World Heritage City.

This is the kind of use of social media that is not alien to most of us. The places we go, the things we do, the cafes we go for our coffee, people nowadays just want to announce it to the whole world. The more people know, the better. Some people say it’s a narcissistic trait but we’re not getting into that. Yet. What we are getting into is how the landscape of social media and the growth of a city co-exist and have impacts on one another.

Facebook, Instagram and Twitter have memberships in the hundreds of millions. The application Foursquare has popularized geolocation in social media and now photographs, tweets and status updates can be tagged with the location you are currently at. It’s a new way of how we interact with our cities. Understanding the immense impact on how social media and a city correlate with each other, city hall for instance is using it as a way to brand and advertise a city. Social media is used to get news of an event out to the public.

Now, returning to the narcissistic trait, a study showed that the reason behind the motivation to broadcast where you are vary from one social media to another. Foursquares users are said to be using the application to tell about their mundane life such as where do they get their morning coffee or where they work. While Facebook users tend to use the site to brag about the iconic places they have been to. Interested to know more about the dynamics of the use of social media and a city? MACC Summer School is the place to be. Register now at MACC Summer School Website.

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