Let’s explore Melaka World Heritage City, are you game?

MACC Summer School: Integrating games with the city

To know a city is to experience the city. But the word experience itself has been changed to a whole new level. Strolling on the beach, sipping a hot coffee at a café, making small talks with the locals or just basically flanuering might not be sufficient for some people anymore. With the advance pace of new technology, we now have virtual reality or augmented reality as part of travelling and tourism. Some researchers believe that tourism industry should provide a multi-dimensional experience for tourists and travellers.

One of the ways of using augmented reality is the cultural heritage gaming. This type of game creates an interesting experience for visitors to connect through missions and quests with the past history. Other than passively seeing historical buildings for instance, the game encourages tourists to actively explore the history behind each building and attraction thus offering a deeper understanding and meaningful experience. These approaches are more effective over traditional learning methods in terms of developing social interaction and remembering historical facts. These games open up new opportunities to transfer education and culture through gameplay and thus enhance the visitor experience.

How does one come out with an interesting gameplay or storyline and how interactive is a game when it comes to understanding the different aspects of the city? MACC Summer School will dwell into these areas of game and tourism. Participants of MACC Summer School will get to learn on how game mechanics are mold into the brand and tourism dimensions of Melaka city. Register to MACC Summer School to know more.

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