Game Mechanics and the City

MACC Summer School: Game Mechanics and the City

MACC Summer School: Hook on the game or the city?

What makes a game interesting? Tetris or brick game as people called it was a really simple game but at one point in time, it was a huge game phenomenon. DOTA is way more complicated, structured with its global networking and hit it big worldwide up till now. E- Sports is the new sport like League of Legends World Championship and the Evolution Championship Series. Why do thousands or millions of people engage themselves with video games? Because it taps into people’s natural desires for competitions and achievements. Video games have that essential features to motivate people to meet personal challenges.

Game creators have to understand what makes a player hooked. A fun video game does not really mean it’s an interesting game. The player has to experience and explore the game and see the world the game creator has to offer. The basic elements a game creator has to consider are gameplay, storyline and art style. For a video game to be successful a storyline is important but gameplay is just as important as the story. A popular game can be built entirely on a great gameplay without much of a story. Tetris is a perfect example. Art style is also vital as the environments, characters and even the lighting all play a role in the look and feel of the game.

The question is how does one integrate all these elements of a video game and create a fun and interesting game about a city? What are the elements of the city that can be used as a video game? MACC Summer School will explore all these concepts and ideas through existing games and possibly new ones. As it is an experiential program, MACC Summer School participants will walk through the city, understand its history and incorporate it in creating a video game. Interested to know more? Register to MACC Summer School now.

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