The Existence of a City depends on Memory

MACC Summer School: Cruising through the memories of the city

Lewis Mumford (1961) mentioned that the existence of a city depends on memory. The term memory here is not simply remembering stories, tales or myths of a city but it is the collective impressions of formation, change and development of a city. Whereas, the term urban memory refers to urban history and culture and the identity of the city as well.

Modern cities face rapid renovation and this has more or less created the problems of thousands of cities. However, with the protection of urban historic buildings, this becomes a breakthrough point for solving these problems. Historic buildings become the main element of urban memories which constitute city styles and features. This allows historical buildings to exist.

Melaka historic buildings co-exist with modern buildings such as malls, office buildings, hospitals etc. Amidst the modernity of this city, one will be able to walk through the diversity of its unique culture and embrace its past during the Dutch, Portuguese and British colonial expansion. Some countries would decide to erase those years of being colonized as it brings back painful memories but those centuries were significant to the growth of Melaka city. All memories, good or bad make what the city is today.

Participants of MACC Summer School will ride through these centuries with Melaka River Cruise Ride. Not only will the participants create their own memories, they will also understand more on the dynamics of Melaka city urban memory. Join us now at MACC Summer School programme.

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