Myth into History or History into Myth – Melaka’s Sultanate Palace

MACC Summer School: Where history, legends and myths meet

Facts are an integral part in history. When it comes to history, we need facts as evidence to prove a statement. But sometimes, myths are needed  to explain the unexplained. Myths are derived as words of mouth through a story form, from generation thoughts and beliefs.

Melaka, Malaysia is rich with its history and legends. The history shows the colonization of Portuguese, British and Dutch have influenced and changed the culture of Melaka today. At the same time, Melaka is bestowed with its well known legends and myths of Hang Tuah and Puteri Gunung Ledang during the time of Melaka’s Sultanate.

Both of these precious history and legends are well-preserved in the Melaka Sultanate palace museum. Not only that, the museum ‘s architecture is a wonder by itself. First, the construction’s design of the palace is identical to the Minangkabau influence. Second, it focuses on the complexity of wood carvings with local floral and plant motives. It can be found on the palace walls and columns. Third, the constructions materials consist of local timber such as Cengal, Resak, Nyatoh and Berlian. Lastly, and the most unique part of the museum is the palace which was built without the use of any iron nails.

With experiential learning in MACC Summer School, participants will travel into the past while exploring the Melaka’s Sultanate palace museum. Participants of MACC Summer School will get to know more of the history and legends of Melaka. Join us and register at MACC Summer School now.


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