Illuminating the Heritage and Community of Melaka City

MACC Summer School: Learning about heritage and communities

Why is it important for us to learn and understand about heritage and community? Because it is important to learn that culture, history, art, and music are not just created by historical figures or famous people. Culture is created in everyday’s life by all of us in our various communities, whether in our families, our schools, our neighborhoods, or in ethnic, occupational, or other kinds of groups. MACC Summer School will bring the participants to engage with real-world experiences and connect them with local communities—in ways that would enrich their learning experience. In addition, participants will understand more the elements that shape the culture and traditions of the communities.

Learning about heritage and communities on site will enable the participants to discover the rich and often diverse traditions around them and make valuable connections to history, place, and environment. They will have more in depth understanding of the culture by connecting to the communities—and by interacting with the locals such as craftspersons, musicians, storytellers, artisans, and experts in local history.

Interested to experience and learn more about the heritage and community of this world heritage city? Get more information about the programme at MACC Summer School or contact us for more information.

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