Discovering the Past, Present and Future of Melaka

MACC Summer School: Making a journey to the past, present and future of the city

Learning is fun. But when it comes to history, some of us might yawn or give a long sigh. But why do people respond that way? The answer is simple; some may think it’s irrelevant to them. If people view history as a collection of events in the past that are unrelatable, people will end up forcing themselves to memorize historical facts instead of understanding the meaning and impacts of the historical events. But, if we see history as a real story about real people in a real world, it makes history more engaging and exciting.

So, how do the historical elements of Melaka relate to our present lives? Today, we are living in a borderless world that is also known as global village. Hence, in most countries, melting pot society is not a remote way of living. Melting pot is not a new concept for Melaka. The city which was once a powerful trading state had built trade partnerships with China and traders from around the world, including the Middle East. This has led to mash of cultures hence the birth of Peranakan and Protuguese communities in Melaka. The present day of Melaka reflects these historical elements through culture, heritage, arts, buildings and foods. The uniqueness of these elements becomes the factors for tourism destination today.

With experiential learning in MACC Summer School, participants will discover more about the past, present and future of Melaka as world heritage city by exploring the historical sites and heritage places. Log on and register to MACC Summer School now.


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