The Eyes Won’t Lie, Sketch By Heart

MACC Summer School  The Eyes Won’t Lie, Sketch By Heart

MACC Summer School: Seeing arts in the city with your heart

As an independent kind of art, sketching is a way that artists prefer to illustrate a particular moment that comes across their eyes or minds. Even though the presence of technology, especially cameras, has somehow brought along new ways of the ‘act of illustrating’ things, sketching is still a popular ‘hobby’ among amateur and professional artists alike.

Melaka City is famous for its modern and traditional sceneries hence there are a lot to sketch here. There are various activities taking place around the city daily, from tourism to trading. All sorts of human interactions and routine are going on with the backgrounds of mesmerizing views and sceneries that combine both the old and the new ones. To name a few, Dataran Pahlawan, Melaka Museums, Jonker Walk, The Straits Mosque, Moorthi Temple, Batik Painting centre and others—these are totally engaging spots to sketch something picturesque!

The experiential learning offered in MACC Summer School will ensure all participants not to miss these enthralling sceneries into their sketching books. As a picture holds a thousand stories, MACC Summer School is where it all begins.

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