The Art of Wood Print Making & Hands on Print-Making & Presentation

 MACC Summer School : The Art of Wood Print Making & Hands on Print-Making & Presentation

MACC Summer School: Create your own masterpieces

The advancement of technology has replaced traditional methods of printing art materials. But to some, the traditional way of wood printing possessed its own uniqueness and authenticity making it highly valuable due to its artistic expressions that are never the same with others. Beginning with the process of drawing, transferring it to a wooden block, carving, proofing, printing till framing of the artwork, wood print making has a special place in the heart of art lovers.

Melaka is known as the place that has numerous interesting elements suitable to be made as motifs for wood printing. Ranging from the natural elements such as birds, cats, butterflies, and varieties of flower species to man-made creations such as the Stadhuys, trishaws, The Maritime Museum, the A’ Famosa fortress, Melaka Monorail and others. In short, Melaka City is the perfect destination to trigger some intriguing ideas for the art lovers.

If you are into some place that provides combinations of traditional and modern arts and interactions between man and the nature, do come and join us in MACC Summer School. The experience you will gather in Melaka City could be a lifetime memory that you will never forget!

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