Eye Candy in The Heritage City. Lets Selfie-Lah!

MACC Summer School: Eye Candy in The Heritage City. Lets Selfie-Lah!

MACC Summer School: Is selfie part of an art photography?

Almost everyone selfies—from a one year old kid to even a cute cat! Taking a selfie has now become an everyday activity for most people around the world. The basic idea behind this craze is merely to capture moments that possess personal values and impressions for the selfie-takers. At the same time, some people only prefer to selfie only when the atmosphere around him or his is something aesthetic; in other words, it contains artistic values.

As a historical tourist attraction, Melaka City has numerous spots that display a wonderful and amazing series of stunning sceneries for photographers. You may choose to capture beautiful moments from the Red Building area, Jonker Walk or hoping on the Melaka River Cruise. For those who wish to view Melaka City from a higher elevation, The Taming Sari Tower and The Shore Sky Tower are the best places for you to experience it. Melaka Trishaw service is also another great means of getting your moments around Melaka City beautifully captured for the album.

Learn the art of photography and intertwine with the elements of the city by joining the MACC Summer School Program. Melaka is undoubtedly one of the top places tourists all over the world visit every single year and there’s no reason for you to miss the excitement of being here too. The MACC Summer School Program will let you experience the beauty of Melaka City captured throughout our intriguing and exciting activities!

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