Arts Discovery at “Kampung Morten” in the City

MACC Summer School: Arts Discovery at "Kampung Morten" in the City

MACC Summer School: Discovering arts in the city

‘It’s not the honor that you take with you, but the heritage you leave behind’ (Branch Rickey).

Without any doubt, preserving historical buildings is one of the best ways to show our appreciation and gratitude to the past generations. Old houses and buildings portray a thousand stories that have been kept as a great memento of a particular culture at a particular place. Revitalizing the arts of architecture and designs is a must for today’s generation as it is our obligations to leave a noteworthy token of the past to our next generations.

Kampung Morten, located along the Melaka River, is an architectural gem that proves how an old village area which was once a quiet traditional residential place is revitalized into an alive and well-preserved area for tourism. This village was named after TJ Morten, a famous revenue collector during the British colonization in Malaya. This village keeps a thousand majestic environments for the art lovers not only from its amazing architecture, but also the culture it holds. Here, tourists are presented with Joget Lambak, a customary dance that welcomes people from all parts of the world.

Throughout the MACC Summer School program, participants will be exposed to this unique and peaceful traditional spot amid Melaka’s hustle and bustle city. If you are keen to experience the Malay traditional wedding customs, surrounded with antique furniture, ancient weapons and traditional musical instruments, why not? MACC Summer School is the right choice for you.

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