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MACC Summer School: Discovering arts in the city


MACC Summer School : Arts Discovery at “Kampung Morten “in the City

‘It’s not the honor that you take with you, but the heritage you leave behind’ (Branch Rickey).

Without any doubt, preserving historical buildings is one of the best ways to show our appreciation and gratitude to the past generations. Old houses and buildings portray a thousand stories that have been kept as a great memento of a particular culture at a particular place. Revitalizing the arts of architecture and designs is a must for today’s generation as it is our obligations to leave a noteworthy token of the past to our next generations.

Kampung Morten, located along the Melaka River, is an architectural gem that proves how an old village area which was once a quiet traditional residential place is revitalized into an alive and well-preserved area for tourism. This village was named after TJ Morten, a famous revenue collector during the British colonization in Malaya. This village keeps a thousand majestic environments for the art lovers not only from its amazing architecture, but also the culture it holds. Here, tourists are presented with Joget Lambak, a customary dance that welcomes people from all parts of the world.

Throughout the MACC Summer School program, participants will be exposed to this unique and peaceful traditional spot amid Melaka’s hustle and bustle city. If you are keen to experience the Malay traditional wedding customs, surrounded with antique furniture, ancient weapons and traditional musical instruments, why not? MACC Summer School is the right choice for you.


MACC Summer School: Is selfie part of an art photography?


MACC Summer School : Eye Candy in The Heritage City. Lets Selfie-Lah!

Almost everyone selfies—from a one year old kid to even a cute cat! Taking a selfie has now become an everyday activity for most people around the world. The basic idea behind this craze is merely to capture moments that possess personal values and impressions for the selfie-takers. At the same time, some people only prefer to selfie only when the atmosphere around him or his is something aesthetic; in other words, it contains artistic values.

As a historical tourist attraction, Melaka City has numerous spots that display a wonderful and amazing series of stunning sceneries for photographers. You may choose to capture beautiful moments from the Red Building area, Jonker Walk or hoping on the Melaka River Cruise. For those who wish to view Melaka City from a higher elevation, The Taming Sari Tower and The Shore Sky Tower are the best places for you to experience it. Melaka Trishaw service is also another great means of getting your moments around Melaka City beautifully captured for the album.

Learn the art of photography and intertwine with the elements of the city by joining the MACC Summer School Program. Melaka is undoubtedly one of the top places tourists all over the world visit every single year and there’s no reason for you to miss the excitement of being here too. The MACC Summer School Program will let you experience the beauty of Melaka City captured throughout our intriguing and exciting activities!


MACC Summer School: Seeing arts in the city with your heart


MACC Summer School : The Eyes Won’t Lie, Sketch By Heart

As an independent kind of art, sketching is a way that artists prefer to illustrate a particular moment that comes across their eyes or minds. Even though the presence of technology, especially cameras, has somehow brought along new ways of the ‘act of illustrating’ things, sketching is still a popular ‘hobby’ among amateur and professional artists alike.

Melaka City is famous for its modern and traditional sceneries hence there are a lot to sketch here. There are various activities taking place around the city daily, from tourism to trading. All sorts of human interactions and routine are going on with the backgrounds of mesmerizing views and sceneries that combine both the old and the new ones. To name a few, Dataran Pahlawan, Melaka Museums, Jonker Walk, The Straits Mosque, Moorthi Temple, Batik Painting centre and others—these are totally engaging spots to sketch something picturesque!

The experiential learning offered in MACC Summer School will ensure all participants not to miss these enthralling sceneries into their sketching books. As a picture holds a thousand stories, MACC Summer School is where it all begins.


MACC Summer School: Create your own masterpieces



MACC Summer School : The Art of Wood Print Making & Hands on Print-Making & Presentation

The advancement of technology has replaced traditional methods of printing art materials. But to some, the traditional way of wood printing possessed its own uniqueness and authenticity making it highly valuable due to its artistic expressions that are never the same with others. Beginning with the process of drawing, transferring it to a wooden block, carving, proofing, printing till framing of the artwork, wood print making has a special place in the heart of art lovers.

Melaka is known as the place that has numerous interesting elements suitable to be made as motifs for wood printing. Ranging from the natural elements such as birds, cats, butterflies, and varieties of flower species to man-made creations such as the Stadhuys, trishaws, The Maritime Museum, the A’Famosa fortress, Melaka Monorail and others. In short, Melaka City is the perfect destination to trigger some intriguing ideas for the art lovers.

If you are into some place that provides combinations of traditional and modern arts and interactions between man and the nature, do come and join us in MACC Summer School. The experience you will gather in Melaka City could be a lifetime memory that you will never forget!


MACC Summer School: Be artistically inspired by the city


MACC Summer School : Malay Heritage Inspires My Art Direction!

“We do not have to be ashamed of what we are. As sentient beings, we have wonderful backgrounds. These backgrounds may not be particularly enlightened or peaceful or intelligent. Nevertheless, we have soil good enough to cultivate; we can plant anything in it.” (Chogyam Trungpa).

Malay is the largest race in the multiracial country of Malaysia followed by Chinese and Indian. The combinations of these three major races in the country, particularly in Melaka are reflecting an extremely interesting mix of unique cultures that have been assimilated in everyone’s life here—to name a few, the Baba Nyonya, Portuguese and Chetti communities. Not just that, the arts of architecture, foods, fashion, festivals and daily routines of the Malay people in Melaka are something exclusive as compared to other Malays in other states.

Furthermore, Melaka is home for various traditional and vintage lifestyle of the Malays that are well-preserved especially the arts of batik, songket, and kebaya nyonya. These majestic workmanships are very special as they are hand-made traditional outfits that integrate intricate embroidery and drawings which have classical touch of floral motifs. The combinations of delicate crafting have made these traditional costumes famous all around the globe for their authenticity and world-class quality.

Along these lines, on the off chance that you are wanting to encounter something exceptional this year, do come and go along with us in MACC Summer School.












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