Participants are given two options of accommodations. Click on the links below and kindly read the information in order for you to decide which accommodation will suit your preference:

Option A

UiTM Hostel, Melaka Branch, Malaysia

If you have booked accommodation through us you will receive your room key when you have completed your registration. Do not go to the accommodation without the key.

Transport to UiTM Hostel

Service for participants who have arranged accommodation to stay in UiTM Hostel. We have arranged a shuttle bus to take you to your room.

Option B

Accommodation in Melaka City, Malaysia

If you prefer to stay in a hotel or B&B you can find some useful information in other accommodation in Melaka City There are several ways to find accommodation in Melaka City. This list will provide you with a short overview of hotels and B&B we suggest for your stay. However, it is also possible to find hotels/B&B’s yourself. Many of the hotels and B&B’s are located in or near to the city centre. Travelling from the city centre to university only takes ten – fifteen minutes by bus and is on just twenty minutes biking distance.